Validation of COVID-19 vaccines

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It is not mandatory to have Health Insurance, however, it is recommended to travel with one that has coverage for SARS CoV 2 (COVID19).

The homologation of vaccines will not be required for those under 18 years of age who enter the country with their fathers, mothers or guardians who have the homologation.

Chile is in ALERT LEVEL 1, corresponding to territories where there is transmission community of
known and controlled variants within the country; and there is no new alert concern variant.
All persons over 6 years of age must make the Affidavit to Travelers from abroad, known as C19,
available here.

Validation of COVID-19 vaccines administered abroad

Both Chileans, resident foreigners and non-resident foreigners can agree to homologate your
vaccines, by entering your profile at For this the following is necessary:

1.- Create a profile on the platform with your email and a password. In the email entered you will
receive an email to verify your identity.

2.- Access your profile and enter the COVID-19 Vaccine Validation menu.

3. You must create validation request.

4. Add vaccines to validate and complete the required fields: country where you received it, type
of vaccine and date of administration.

5.- Attach proof of vaccination and attached documents in image format or PDF files. In case of
having received the vaccination against COVID-19 with a document different from the one
declared in identity; you must attach it as a backup.

6.- If your country of vaccination issues proof of vaccinations with a QR code, you must enter the
code for each dose administered. If you do not have it, your data can be validated vaccination, only if the country is on the list of those that do NOT have this proof digital. For countries belonging to the European Union, whose voucher only indicates information of the last dose, you must enter an official document confirming all doses.

7. When completing the data, click on “SEND FOR REVIEW”. The request will be reviewed with a
deadline maximum of 48 hours. If this deadline is not met, tourists will automatically receive a
pass of temporary mobility that will last 96 hours, from the date and time of the request.

8.- Once the application has been reviewed and validated, you will be able to view your COVID-19
vaccines and download the Pass of Mobility. This only applies if the user has already approved
their identity verification, indicated in the first point.

Enrique Mac Iver, 440, Santiago.