Midnight Museums

Come to live the 29th version of this successful cultural activities that will take place on Friday, October 23rd 2015, that invites you to explore museums and cultural centers from 18.00 hours to 00.00 hours for free.  In each of its editions, Midnight Museums have been visited by 50 thousand visitors and this time, more than 40 institutions across the country will join in this day of culture and heritage.

In Santiago, it is possible to visit:

Palacio La Moneda Cultural Center. Visitors can visit the exhibition “Samurai. Japan armors”, a collection of The Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum, with more than 140 historical pieces on display; the exhibition “Andean Carnival”, which portrays the Aymara culture; “Cabinet of Personalities,” a design sample representing privacy of 6 recognized characters of contemporary Chilean culture: Jacqueline Domeyko, Cazu Zegers, Claudio Di Girolamo, Alice Hoffman, Jorge Yarur, and the duo Bruna Truffa and Rodrigo Cabezas. And in the Active Space entertaining educational activities will be developed.

Ciudadanía Square 26

Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art. Specially trained guides are available for visiting eight showrooms. The space houses unique works of art that show American cultural diversity, highlighting its valuable collections: Andean textile, with pieces of more than 3000 years old; the world’s largest Inca quipu; Chinchorro mummies, the older than Egyptian, and works in ceramics, metal and stone, among other objects.

Bandera 361

Contemporary Art Museum Forest Park. As part of the 12th Biennial of media arts, “HABITAT” Stephen Agosín, an interactive set-up that organically re-structure itself in real time, from the biological information presented by visitor. In the central hall will be “Lichtgestalt” a performance of Mauricio Lacrampette that creates a three-dimensional figure light from laser pointers. And on the second floor, Room Anilla MAC, “N” is displayed, from Rainer Krause, a sound installation that reproduces the voices of 100 people in four cities in Chile.

Ismael Valdes Vergara 506

Museum of Visual Arts. It will display prints, drawings and paintings by the artist Eugenio Téllez. It invites also, to visit the exhibition of Mapuche culture Wenu Pelon. On this occasion, also they have special activities like music, dance, film and guided rotating visits from 18:00 to 23:00 hours.

José Victorino Lastarria 305

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. The public can visit the works and installations that are part of the 12th Biennale of media arts (BAM). At 19 hours are scheduled preformances of artists Electro, Felipe and Mauricio Lacrampette Cussen, concerts and visual Valentina Villarroel, Minimal Technology, Benjamin Altermat, Siet Rae, Fiat 600 and voodoochild. The public will also appreciate the  Installation of Humboldt Papagayo, which stars three trees located in Forest Park, close to the facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

José Miguel de la Barra 650

Matucana 100 Cultural Center premiere the work “Tatlin’s Whisper # 6”, a performance of the renowned Cuban artist Tania Bruguera. Between 22:00 and 00:00 hours a day of urban dance will be held, through which visitors will have the opportunity to explore different styles like Hip Hop Dance, Popping, House and Breaking taught by the best exponents.

Matucana Ave #100, Central Station

Museum of Memory and Human Rights. Special visits will be made to the exposure of burlap “Journal of fabric”,  a visual journey through the history of the dictatorship from 1973 to 1990. At 19:30 and 21:30 there will be special visits to the exhibition “Shadow of the Condor” from photojournalist João Pina, a unique graphic testimony about the darkest years of recent history in Latin America. In addition, visitors can tour the exhibition “Living Voices: 

Matucana 501, Santiago.

History and Military Museum.During the activity, people could visit the temporary exhibition of military objects and paints “Una Mirada a la Historia Militar de Chile” (A view into de military history of Chile) and the “Exhibición de Automóviles antiguos de la Fundación Lira” (Exhibition of old cars belong to Lira Foundation”. And guided tours by the permanent exposition “Cinco Siglos de Historia” (Five Centuries of History) will make.

1550 Blanco Encalada Ave.


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