Estadio Víctor Jara


2750  Arturo Godoy  St.



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After the military coup just like the Estadio Nacional, this sport enclosure became a massive torture and detention centre, to that place people detained at “Universidad Técnica del Estado” (Technician government university) where put there. among them the singer Victor Jara. Jara was tortured and murdered in this place on September 16th 1973. It is an honor that this place has his name since 2004.

When the military-civic dictatorship ended, the Victor Jara Foundation with many other social and cultural human rights organizations, started a label long process and recovery of the stadium to transform it into a space opened for culture and sports, considering its importance as a memory of Human rights place, under that context the have made a lot of efforts and activities, such as free singing, purification encounters in 1991, concerts, tributes, and commemoration; the campaigns to change its name were between 1998 and 2003, it National Heritage declaration was in 2009.

Arturo Godoy, 2750, Santiago.

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