Artesaní­as de Chile


La Moneda Cultural Center

26 Plaza de la Ciudadanía.  Level -1

Fundación Artesanías de Chile

Casa Velasco. Santo Domingo 689


+562 2697 2784



Inside the Palacio la Moneda Cultural Center, there is the store Artesanías Chile, which in its remodeled 350 m2 carries out a work of preservation and dissemination of traditional Chilean crafts. The store is an invitation to connect with the riches of our country, through unique creations and in its windows you can see ceramic reproductions from different pre-Columbian cultures; Aymara textiles and traditional textiles, fabrics with alpaca fiber- and also pottery from different territories, basketry created with various vegetable fibers and many more things that will immediately catch your attention. Its doors are open for sale and exhibition. 


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