Matadero Franklin Neighborhood

Live an unforgetable experience in one of the most traditional and picturesque popular trade neighborhood of the city.

Going deep into Franklin means take contact with a popular treasure of the city, which is connected with the history and the heritage that still living in more than 4 thousand varied shops

Its origin came from the middle of XIX Century, when the installation of the slaughterhouse started to create an intense business activity, and the area surrounded by Franklin, Placer, San Francisco and Magallanes streets became established as the south access of Santiago.

The activity on its streets had and important growing in middle of XX Century with the installation of stores and establishments that gave it a bohemian signature like the Dance Club, Las Tres B, el Club de La Unión and el León. The last one had this name “El Leon” by the President Arturo Alessandri Palma, who everyday sent to his driver to that place to buy homemade bread and milk for his breakfast

Today the visitors can take contact with a versatile and massive popular market, where is possible to find furniture, shoes, antiques and clothes. Enjoy the typical Chilean gastronomy in small kind of restaurants and interact with popular and typical characters.

We invite you to learn more about this attractive neighborhood, through the Guide Barrio Franklin, a project of the Fundación Patrimonio Sustentable, with the culinary, cultural, vintage, design and natural diversity in this neighborhood in

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