Santa Lucrecia Parish


1417 Placer


+56 443036934


This church is a building of significant patrimonial value, work of the Chilean architect, Ricardo Larraín Bravo, in the second decade of the XX century. It is a part of a remarkable monumental ensemble of the architecture of Santiago, ” Huemul neighborhood “.  Founded on November 23, 1927 as a chapel designed to meet the spiritual needs of the workers of the newly built Huemul neighborhood. With the increase of the population, the demand of the faithful increased and the Archbishopric of Santiago elevated it to the rank of Parish. It was closed after the damages caused by the earthquake of 2010, but was reopened at the end of 2014, after the restoration works.

The restoration project was approved by the Law of Cultural Donations, counted on the contribution of the Patrimony Fund of the National Council of Culture and the Arts; And the works were managed by the Foundation Aid to the Church in Need.


Placer, 1417, Santiago.

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