La Casa de los Diez


Santa Rosa 179

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It is one of the oldest buildings in Santiago, built in the mid-nineteenth century, where a large group of artists and intellectuals of the early twentieth century, called Group of Ten, left part of his legacy.

The order was made as a fraternity whose members are considered strongholds of the national culture of the early twentieth century.

The group was composed of artists, intellectuals, painters and sculptors such as Pedro Prado, Juan Francisco Gonzalez, Eduardo Barrios, Julio Ortiz de Zarate, Julio Vidal Beltrand, Augusto D’Almar, Magallanes Moure, Acario Cotapos, Alfonso Leng and Alberto Ried.

Currently, this house welcomes the new group of  Fundación Cultural Casa de Los Diez – Alfredo García Burrten, which aims to preserve the tangible heritage of the place; opened its doors as a space dedicated to hosting the most important disciplines of the visual arts and to keep the house as a place of cultural diffusion. As well as, the realization of meetings of artists and entrepreneurs.

In that spirit, young talents of painting, illustration, sculpture and printmaking, have their workshops in the house of Santa Rosa street; and visitors can interact with them and witness their creative work.

The house was declared a  Historical Monument in 1997.


The property is built in adobe with walls whose thickness reaches 70 cm.

In the design and distribution of space it highlights the main access street Santa Rosa, with a porch full of symbolism, built by Julio Ortiz de Zarate and with stones brought from the quarry of Cerro San Cristobal.

In the quiet courtyard there are nine Romanesque capitals, carved by Alberto Ried, representing one or more members of the Group of Ten. This is where visitors experience the feeling of calm and pause, as the adobe walls protect from the city noise outside.

The tower stands on the roof of the block, is 20 meters high and has a structural concrete buttress from the time. With a wooden structure it has withstand the different earthquakes that have hit the capital.


The house was built in the mid nineteenth century, operated in 1924 by Fernando Tocornal Tupper, who spent much of his wealth to give prominence to the house, according to the dreams of his friends, the Group of Ten.

Tupper built the second floor, the majestic stone portal with forged railings and the imposing tower. But because debts, was obliged to sell the property, which was acquired by the young architecture student, Alfredo Garcia Burr in 1929.

Fernando Tocornal Tupper made Garcia Burr to promise to look after the place, due to what it was for the group of artists and intellectuals that met there. The new owner fulfilled the promise throughout his life, because he considered it as the greatest work of art that he had bought.


Santa Rosa, 179, Santiago.

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