El Tata restaurant


San Francisco 2217 Local 461

Mercado Matadero Franklin







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El Tata restaurant is a neighbor of the Franklin neighborhood, which keeps in its walls the history of three generations.

It is a family business that began in 1987, in a small establishment of the Mercado Matadero cook shops, where the kitchen stoves were lit at 6 in the morning to serve the first diners with breakfasts that woke up anyone and in which could not miss the Caldo de Patas.

With more than 30 years of existence, it continues delivering a vibrant Chilean gastronomy, served with warmth, with specialties such as corn cake, casserole, fried fish, baked pork or humitas. And they have managed to perpetuate homemade flavors, unique and deeply rooted in our traditions.

Without a doubt, El Tata restaurant is an unmissable place and an obligatory stop when visiting the traditional Franklin neighborhood.

San Francisco, 2217, Santiago.

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