Villa Chocolate


Plaza General Alejandro Gacitúa. Matta Sur neigborhood


+56 9 76691594



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Villa Chocolate, located in the historic Matta Sur neighborhood, is an exquisite chocolate and pastry business in general. Its creator, Mariana Villalobos, a native of the beautiful city of Valdivia, was attracted by the nobility of cocoa to open the doors of Villa Chocolate.

In its small place in Plaza Gacitúa, chocolate lovers find tasty and original preparations and presentations, such as chocolates, dipped oranges, alfajores or chocolates for cocktails or different festivities such as Christmas, Mother’s Day or Easter.

Villa Chocolate enchants the chocolatier community, because there the craft of chocolatier comes to life, built from personal vocation and experience from other lands.

Plaza General Alejandro Gacitúa, Santiago.

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