The Sherraton restaurant


San Francisco 2217 Local 608

Mercado Matadero Franklin


Wednesday to Sunday, from 08:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


+56 9 6870 0227



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A four-generation family dining tradition can be found at The Sherraton restaurant, in the heart of the Mercado Matadero Franklin (Franklin Slaughterhouse).

The story goes that its name was adopted because old clients used to go in search of unique dishes from that time and compared them with the haute cuisine of The Sheraton hotel. In its beginnings, it served the inn in the lamb-slaughtering sector, where the main clientele were precisely the butchers, a trade that demanded good nutrition, where “Pernil” and “Caldo de Patas” were the protagonists.

In its menu we can find specialties of Chilean gastronomy, such as beef casserole, fried fish, shredded meat with ingredients and corn cake. 

San Francisco, 2217, Santiago.

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