Demo Franklin


Galería La Curtiembre. Persa Víctor Manuel. Calle Víctor Manuel 2020. Barrio Franklin


+56 9 4845473


Saturdays to Sundays, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


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Located in the heart of the Franklin neighborhood, in the antique dealers shed, specifically in La Curtiembre, the art gallery that is located right in the center of the historic Persa Víctor Manuel. This place stands out both to the eye for its transparent glass cube architecture with an open kitchen, and to the palate, where it is possible to try signature dishes either at breakfast, brunch or lunch, where the carefully prepared dishes leave no one indifferent.

It is called a specialty coffee that also offers market cuisine, with dishes that change every week, with products where most of them are bought from small producers or in the same neighborhood.

Among its outstanding offerings are its brunches with sourdough bread, butter, fermented vegetables, and juice. For lunch, their tortellini stuffed with ricotta with basil, also the sea bass in butter, with fried cauliflower, pepper sauce and smoked rocoto.

It also offers sandwiches, such as the roast beef focaccia, and the veggie focaccia, with mushroom puree, roasted tomatoes, buttery cheese, mixed greens, and fermented cabbage.

It also offers lunches with the same main courses and dessert as brunch, but with different starter options.

Víctor Manuel, 2020, Santiago.

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