Casa Kiltro


Portales 2685. Barrio Yungay


From Tuesday to Saturday, from 12:30 a.m. to 00:00 hrs.


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On one side of the Portales park is this restaurant with typical Chilean food and a unique atmosphere. Its architecture rescues the classic adobe and fiscal brick structure, completely restored, where a playful and labyrinthine distribution of spaces is exhibited, with corners to discover.

Among its dishes, sea and land preparations stand out, such as the magnificent Pichanga, with sausage, black sausage and potato; the Beans with Sausage; the Chicken Al Pil Pil, Mote with seafood or chicken; Pig with fight; Cholgas casserole with cabbage; Pulmay and for the brave, Pancho Villa, a preparation of beans with rein, chop and rice.

Casa Kiltro thus becomes a warm and familiar place, where you want to experience the classic flavors of Chile with the aroma of heritage and identity.

Portales, 2685, Santiago.

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