How to get

By car from Santiago, take Autopista del sol upto the 50th kilometer, then turn right at Pomaire’s tollbooth that Leads to the main Pomaire’s access, by bus it departs from Estación Central metro Station at Terminal San Borja.

Just 50 km west of Santiago lies a small village with a long tradition in pottery called Pomaire. It is famous for its brown-colored clay pottery handicraft, which has marked the identity of this place since it was founded in 1771. This tradition was inherited by the pre-Columbian Diaguita culture and was refined under the rule of the Inca Empire.

In Pomaire, it is possible to see the beautiful traditional work of families of craftsmen, and to find all types of figures made of clay, such as dishes, jugs, pots and an incredible range of characteristic “pottery pigs”, among other items. This diversity in handicraft has led this place to become a must for any family trip, without overlooking the incredible range of native cuisine and the monumental empanadas of 1 kilo, to be found in its typical restaurants.


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