Public Transportation

RED Metropolitana de Movilidad

Public transportation in Santiago operates with a combination of microbuses and the Metro. The service covers 34 towns in the metropolitan area, distributed into trunk routes along the main avenues, and feeder routes that link users up with the trunk routes and the Metro.

The fare is paid with the bip! card, which allows take a trunk route bus, a feeder bus and the Metro, for the cost of a single passage, in a maximum of two hours. The card can be purchased and recharged at any Metro station and in established outlets.

Cost of the card: 1.550 Chilean pesos.
Minimum recharge amount: 1,000 Chilean pesos.

Metro de Santiago

The Metro has five lines running from east to west and from north to south, linking up a large part of the metropolitan area. The website can be used to plan traveling around the capital.


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