Security and emergency


To enjoy a more pleasurable and safer stay, follow these recommendations:

• DO NOT allow solicitors to approach you asking for money in exchange for tourist information on public roads. Tourist guides do not offer their services on the street.

• Avoid wearing jewels of carrying electronic goods when visiting very crowded places.

• Look after your valuables and baggage, as well as cameras and rucksacks.

• Carry only the necessary money and do not let it be seen on public roads.

• Change money in established currency exchange houses, never on the street; nor allow yourself to be led by strangers to one of them.

Emergency Phone Numbers



Telephone 131

Fire Department

Telephone 132


Telephone 133


Telephone 103

Andean Rescue Service

Telephone 136

Municipality of Santiago Security Department

Telephone 800 20 30 11

Central +56 2 2 7136000

WhatsApp +56 9 78597199

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