Vicarí­a de la Solidaridad


Palacio Arzobispal (Archbishop Palace)

West side of Plaza de Armas Santiago. Only Exterior View

Foundation Archive and Documentation of the Vicarage Solidarity

Las Trinitarias 7101, Las Condes


+56 2 33335333


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It is an institution symbol of the human rights defense during the military dictatorship and it continue with the work done by the Comite de Cooperacion por la Paz (Committee of Cooperation for Peace).

It was created in January 1976 by Cardinal Raul Silva Henriquez and provided legal and spiritual support to all people whose fundamental rights were violated by the State. It opened in the Archbishop’s Palace in the west side of the Plaza de Armas and concluded its activities on December 31 of 1992.

Today has a Foundation for Documentation and Archives in the Archbishopric of Santiago, which can be consulted for legal and academic purposes.


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