Avenida Brasil

The large territory where this avenue is located,  hosts to the Yungay and Brazil neighborhoods.

The Brasil Ave. and the neighborhood arose, as we know it at present, in 1900, when was decided to build a square with the same name. At that time, the Municipality of Santiago ordered the demolition of that´s area buildings to build the Brasil square, inaugurated in early twentieth century, with a solemn and spontaneous demonstration in tribute to the Brazilian people, becoming in an important social and meeting point in the following decades.

This fact coincided with the building of the first and beautiful mansions in the neighborhood, as the Archbishop’s Building or Larrain Palace, in the first decades of the twentieth century. Currently, Brasil Ave. stand out for being inserted into a main tourist neighborhood, which awaits its visitors with a variety of restaurants, bars, hostels and in the north side, in front of the Los Reyes Park, is the Balmaceda Antique Shops.



Photography. Lorena Bruna, Tour Guide

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