Avenida Ejército Libertador

Ejercito Libertador, located between Vergara and Manuel Rodríguez Avenue, it extends from the Alameda to Rondizzoni Avenue, in front of O’Higgins Park.

Just like the adjacent streets, Ejercito Libertador Avenue has the mark that left  the prosperity lived in the country and it meant for this neighborhood, have the first paved and lighted with electricity streets.

Travelling across Ejercito Libertador Avenue, it is possible to appreciate the fine architecture of its buildings, as Piwonka palace, built in 1918 and from the balcony of the second floor, the family observed the troops participating in the Independence Day parade.

It also stands out the Church of San Lázaro, blessed in 1877, which is a faithful example of the French Neogothic style. Currently, Ejercito Libertador Avenue is part of the University District, it is known in this way by the institutions of higher education that work there and whose headquarters study more than 100.000 people.


Photography. Lorena Bruna, Tour Guide

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