Avenida Manuel Antonio Matta

This street was born in the second decade of the nineteenth century as a rural road used for the sale of animals among the high class society of that time. During that century, the population explosion, caused by the migration from the countryside through cities, it made that Santiago get expand to south, where aristocracy´s farms were, which began to be leased for the establishment of tenements and small shops.

Its name is in honor of Manuel Antonio Matta Goyenechea, politician, lawyer and Chilean writer who founded the Radical Party of Chile.

In the twentieth century as a result of the massive arrival of Spaniards, they began to settle with hardware stores, bakeries and shoe stores, a fact that gave the avenue its current commercial mark. Until mid-century, it was crossed electric trams, which were removed to facilitate the access roads to the National Stadium, scene of the 1962 Soccer World Cup.

This avenue starts in O’Higgins Park, and in its three kilometers, it is possible find small furniture and electrical stores, car dealership, emblematic schools, a median road with bike path and ornamental fountains.

Photography. Lorena Bruna, Tour Guide

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