Bandera boulevard

In December of 2017 the Bandera boulevard was inaugurated, an unprecedented urban intervention that ranges from Moneda street  to Compañía de Jesús; and whose main characteristic is the existence of a floor-level painting of 3,300 square meters.

The project creates three different meeting spaces, united by floor level painting that has a specific design for each section. In all its extension, it combines architecture, art and design, and allows people go through a geometric fabric.

The first, which goes from Moneda to Agustinas street, is a Social Connection Space that is transformed into a meeting zone with benches, high tables and bleachers. The second is an Artistic Space with Sustainable Inspiration, which includes installation of flower beds, bike racks and a sustainable artistic structure with photovoltaic energy. And the last space, that goes from Huérfanos to Compañía, has a Heritage Characteristic, It is next to the Pre-Columbian Art museum and generated the ideal space for a gastronomic terrace of traditional gastronomic landmarks of the city, such as the National Bar, El Rapido and Café Haiti.