Bandera boulevard

In December of 2017 the Bandera boulevard was inaugurated, an unprecedented urban intervention that ranges from Moneda street  to Compañía de Jesús; and whose main characteristic is the existence of a floor-level painting of 3,300 square meters. 

The project creates three different meeting spaces, united by floor level painting that has a specific design for each section. In all its extension, it combines architecture, art and design, and allows people go through a geometric fabric. 

The first, which goes from Moneda to Agustinas street, is a Social Connection Space that is transformed into a meeting zone with benches, high tables and bleachers. The second is an Artistic Space with Sustainable Inspiration, which includes installation of flower beds, bike racks and a sustainable artistic structure with photovoltaic energy. And the last space, that goes from Huérfanos to Compañía, has a Heritage Characteristic, It is next to the Pre-Columbian Art museum and will have exhibition facilities and rest modules.

From June, 2018, the Bandera Walking street was equipped with a four intelligent totem where santiaguinos and visitors will be able to take them selves photographies, to see cultural agenda, to read news and more. In addition, intelligent lights were installed by sensors, in order to monitor the air quality and to see availability of parkings.

Go for a walk through the new Bandera boulevard and enjoy a meeting place, coexistence and recreation.