Monjitas street

The name of this street has its origin in the tradition to call it “calle de las monjitas” (street of the nuns) owing to on this street the poor clares were established, the female branch from Franciscans Order.

the land where they were installed was given by Alonso del Campo Lantadilla and they remained there for 143 years, until 1821, Bernardo O´Higgins decreed the exile of the nuns and the sale of their land, because he needed the money to send the army to Concepcion to fight against Benavides Bandit.

Along the XIX century on this street european style residences were established, owing to the influence that the Old continent exerted on the elite from this period and even at present, “Monjitas” gives the chance to know little and original emporiums that supply the neighborhood, in addition to appreciating its architecture.

Photography. Lorena Bruna, Tour Guide

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