Casa Ignacio Domeyko


Cueto 572



This property was one of the first to be built in the quarter known as Barrio Yungay. Featuring a Colonial style, it was the residence of the Polish naturalist Ignacio Domeyko.

Ignacio Domeyko was born in Poland on July 31, 1802. He lived in Paris, where he furthered his higher education as a scientist and naturalist. He arrived in Chile in June, 1838, hired by the government in order to introduce new technologies and scientific knowledge into the mining development of the country.

During those years, he took the opportunity to hike through the valleys of La Serena, Huasco, Copiapó, Aconcagua and Santiago. Starting in 1842, he was in charge of several expeditions to survey the geological structure of the Andes between the Elqui and Copiapó valleys.

In the capital city, he met some intellectuals and politicians such as Claudio Gay and Andrés Bello. Along with the latter, he had a relevant participation in the creation of the University of Chile.

In 1866 he became a member of staff of the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities of the University of Chile. A year later, he was elected rector of this institution, a position he held until 1883.

Cueto, 572, Santiago.

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