Catedral street

Formerly called Calle de La Catedral (Cathedral Street).

The Cathedral Church was established on the west side of Plaza de Armas. Its main portico faced north, onto the street formerly called “de Bartolomé Flores”, in memory of the German soldier and valet who accompanied Pedro de Valdivia during the Conquest.

This street used to start in the square and extend westwards for five blocks, ending in the Santa Ana Hermitage. Over time, its name changed to Calle de la Catedral.

Due to the earthquakes that battered the city, the church was rebuilt on several occasions, while the parishioners would listen to mass from the square and adjacent street.

In this manner, when repair work on the new Cathedral commenced in 1748, its façade was changed to face towards Plaza de Armas. Nevertheless, the street retained the name of Catedral.

Photography. Lorena Bruna, Tour Guide

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