Day 5 Vineyards and Snow

You can schedule this day to experience the natural and cultural attractions of Cajón del Maipo; enjoy of an unforgettable Wine Tourism visiting the wine sellars around the Capital and, during Winter season, spend a day in one of the sky centers located less than 40 kilometers from Santiago.

Cajón del Maipo

The first stop waiting for you in San José del Maipo is its picturesque architecture, crafts and typical gastronomy.

Delight yourself with San Alfonso, an area where you can practice some trekking, horseback riding or extreme sports.

Further into the Mountain Range, Natural Monument El Morado will surprise you with its surroundings, its pond and both its glaciers. You can also enjoy of the hot springs of Baños Morales and Baños Colina both located in that area. (Only prívate transportation)


We recommend a visit to the Vineyard Cousiño Macul, where you can taste wine varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah.

Located in the same area, we invite you to visit Vineyard Aquitania, where its 18 hectares would give you an amazing view of The Andes Mountain Range.

Continuing towards the south, and already in the outskirts of Santiago, you will arrive to Pirque, home to famous vineyards, among them, Concha y Toro, the largest and most famous wine producers where you can taste wines and get familiar with the legends surrounding its origen.

A little more to the south, enjoy of a unique experience en vineyard Haras de Pirque, where both the equestrian and the wine world come together. Its awarded production lines rest in its cellar shaped as a horseshoe.

In the area of Talagante, towards the southwest of Santiago, visit Vineyard Undurraga, with a modern winemaking facility and underground cellars dated from 1885. Surprise yourself with the park designed by the famous French landscaper Pierre Dubois, during the 19th Century.

Other alternative, a little further away from the city you can find Vineyard Santa Rita, located 35 kilometers from Santiago to the south in Buin. It was founded in 1880, but this space was linked to the history of the country far before that, when in 1814 Paula Jaraquemada gave refuge to 120 chilean soldiers in 1814 under the War for the Independence.


In winter season, and less than one hour from the center of Santiago, you can access to one of the best areas of South America to ski and enjoy one of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the Metropolitan Region.

Alternatives to practice snow sports are Lagunillas Ski Center, in the area of Cajon del Maipo, or mountain resorts as Farellones, El Colorado, La Parva and Valle Nevado, to the east of the city.

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