Espacio Diana


Arturo Prat N°435


+56 2 26649018



It is a place for culture, leisure and entertainment, located in the heart of Barrio San Diego in a heritage building from the early twentieth century and located behind the traditional amusement park Juegos Diana. Its origin is associated with that historic indoor park rides, whose presence in the city dates from the decade of the 30s of XX century and features prominently in the minds of several generations of “santiaguinos” or local people.

Diana space has 5,000 square meters and is perfect for the meeting of culture and art scene. It has an auditorium for 130 people occupying the sector that originally served as theater for residents of the area and an open floor plan on the second floor.

The programming of the room is focused on performing arts and music, with an emphasis on theater text, nightly shows, concerts and productions for family audiences, in order to value the memory of the street San Diego, which until the 70s was an axis of theatrical activity and the bohemian life of Santiago.


Arturo Prat, 435, Santiago.

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