El Rey del Mote con Huesillo


General Rondizzoni (altura del 2400)

This little and simple place offers the possibility of tasting the most traditional Chilean dessert, using a family recipe more than seven decades old. Founded in 1935 and in the limits of the Parque O’Higgins neighborhood, El Rey del Mote con Huesillo (Mote with Huesillo’s King) waits for you to enjoy the flavor of this refreshing preparation.

Mote with Huesillo is one of the most typical Chilean drinks. It is composed of Mote which is wheat grain boiled in water and removed from its husk, and a dried peach called huesillo. It is a very popular beverage during summer and generally sold in carts in the streets throughout the country.  It is also a great option to fight against high temperatures and to quench your thirst.

General Rondizzoni, 2400, Santiago.

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