Entretenimiento Diana


Merced 839



+56 9 50078551


Monday to Saturday from 11:45 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.




Entertainment Diana awaits gamers and Arcade nostalgics with more than 100 machines of vibrant entertainment.

They were founded by Roberto Zúñiga Peñailillo in 1934, as a small “target shooting” game. The name “Diana” was inspired by a rifle of German origin brand “Diana”, which by chance fell into his hands.

The enterprise grew and in the 1940s it began to make a name for itself, especially among the little ones, who delighted in the Carousel, the Chicago Wheel, the Cuncuna and games such as the “Shoot the Ducklings”, the “Stubborn Cats”, the “Pyramid of Jars” and the classic “Taca Taca”.

In 1961, this enterprise inaugurated a new and spacious premises in the basement of Ahumada 170, where the first electromechanical and electronic machines, as well as video games, debuted with great success. Then they moved to Ahumada 131, where they reached the peak of the avant-garde, introducing the “Simulator Videos” for the first time.

20 years later, that place closed its doors to move to its definitive and current location, where video game lovers can vibrate with this particular passion, among flippers, arcades, dance machines and simulators, as well as the vintage section and the area especially aimed at the little ones.

Merced, 839, Santiago.

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