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The Foreigners and Migration Department, under the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Security, has the mission of guarantee compliance with migration legislation force in the country, related to entry, egress, temporary or permanent residence, deportation and regulation of foreigners citizens that stay in national territory.

Due to the current health situation (COVID-19), face-to-face public assistance is suspended in all Migration and International Police offices in the country.

Procedures for tourists

Proof of documents losts for foreing person

t allows foreign persons to notify losing identity documents to PDI (pólice of investigation). A proof document is issued that has a description of the circunstances of losing documents, (lose,theft or robbery), wich must be shown to the consular representatives, to be able to get a provisory ID document. This provisory documents are not valid to travel abroad, for that purpose the restitution of the original or official identity documents must be required or emergency permission documents from the corresponding consulate.

This procedure is done online HERE

Duplicated Tourist Card

The tourism card is a document that allows the entry and exit of people from and to the national territory. This procedure gives the possibility of obtaining a copy of that document. It is aimed at foreign citizens who are in Chile within the period established for tourism in the national territory, that is, 90 days from entering the country.

This procedure is done online HERE

Travel certificate

t allows to certify records in chile of arrivals and departures of a person, since 1981 up to present days, through an issued document by the departments of Immigration and international pólice Since January 24, 2020, a travel certificate is not required to apply for Definitive Permanence.

This procedure is done online HERE

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