Former Santa Lucí­a Clinic


162 Santa Lucía St.


+56 226335745

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It is a 4 floors manor plus a loft, which faces the west side of Santa Lucia Hill. In 1972 was acquired by MAPU (meaning in spanish Popular Action Movement), but between 1974 and 1976 turned in a detention and torture facility of one of the repressive bodies of dictatorship, the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA).

The house was built in 1934 and is the work of outstanding national architect of the early twentieth century, Alberto Cruz Montt

Since 1991, the facility is seat of the Chilean Committee of Human Rights and the Museum of that institution. In there you can find an invaluable audiovisual file, pictures and posters that can be consulted by anyone. Besides it has 120 pieces related to Human Rights, given by highlighted national artists like José Balmes and Roser Bru.

On January 5th, the National Monuments Council approved to declare this property as a historical monument, as it reflects the country’s recent history and memory of the victims of repression as state policy. Its preservation in time is a contribution to education in the promotion of human rights of the whole society.

It also considered that the building is a remnant of the action of United Nations denouncing the human rights violations committed by the civilian-military dictatorship.

This memory space is internationally recognized in the United Nations Detention.


Santa Lucía, 162, Santiago.

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