Fuente Mardoqueo


Libertad street 551

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday from 12:00 to 23:00 hours


+56 2 26814211



This restaurant stands out for the preparation of sandwiches, such as the dazzling Bavarian Tenderloin, a family recipe inherited by several generations and praised by those who have tasted the preparation and dimensions of this specialty.

“Mardoqueo” is a name of Hebrew origin and its origin goes back to the idea of the Peñafiel family, led by Don Gustavo, who started in the gastronomic field with a clear idea: to create and sell the best sandwich in Chile.

La Fuente Mardoqueo is a restaurant that stands out in terms of the quality and superb quantity of its products. It is very famous for its sandwiches such as Chacareros, Churrascos, Barros Luco, but above all, it has gained its prestige thanks to the house specialty, the Bávaro Tenderloin, which Don Gustavo Peñafiel has been preparing since 1989, following his grandparents’ secret recipe.




Libertad, 551, Santiago.

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