The building of the Fire Brigade of Santiago (CBS) dates from 1863 and was built on the grounds that corresponded to the land of Dona Inés de Suarez, conqueror of Chile with Pedro de Valdivia.

It was built for the hussar regiment. After the Fire of  Compañia de Jesus Church  in 1863, brought about the formation of the first fire companies in the city, the building was donated to the Firemen by the Government of the time. At the end of the nineteenth century, the construction was completely refurbished by the German architect Adolph Möller, and the new design incorporated the tower of 37 meters, built by Fermín Vivaceta, to hang from it a bell of eight tons, commissioned to the United States by Enrique Meiggs. From then until the middle of the XX century, the bell gave the fire alarm in the city.

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