Workshops for adults and children.  The participants make three toys, based on a wooden mechano, with the constructive methodology of a carpentry project. In the process they will develop observation, explore materials, tools and structures and also give space to intuition and creativity.

Every Saturday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Value: $ 15,000 (adult + child). Participants take their toys

From 6 years old

Registration: Request 1 week in advance to

Basic carpentry workshop.  The workshop is an initiation to the carpentry trade. Participants will learn to work the wood and use the main carpentry tools (electrical and manual) constructing step by step a simple project in solid wood. They will also learn to recognize different types of wood and their applications in carpentry. It is aimed to anyone who wants to learn the trade of carpentry and does not require prior knowledge.

Value $ 120,000 materials included

Registration at

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