Iglesia de los Capuchinos


Catedral 2345


+56 2 26993818

+56 2 26732278


The convent and church of the Capuchin monks take up the lands donated by Vicente Larraín Espinosa and Valentín Fernández Beltrán and formerly belonging to María Rosa Portales.

The Capuchin Monkss or Franciscan Brother Minors arrived in Chile in 1848 and a residential quarter sprang up around the Church. The current church began to be built in May, 1853 and was placed under the patronage or Saint Anthony of Padua.

The construction, by Italian architect Eusebio Chelli, was completed between 1853 and 1861. The building is a clear evidence of Eusebio Chelli admiration for Andrea Palladio, the renowned Italian architect of the 16th century. Just like in Palladio’s Redentore Church in Venice, Chelli separates the chancel from the vestry with a column screen. Inside the church are some works by sculptor José Miguel Blanco.

On the inside, in the Hebdomadal Chapel, a painting depicts Christ and the apostles during the Last Supper, and a large chicken set on the table.


Catedral, 2345, Santiago.

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