Iglesia San Saturnino


Santo Domingo 2772


+56 2 26817595




This is a church in Gothic style with three entrances and a tower. Its construction was begun by clergyman Luis Benavente and completed by architect Teodoro Burchard around 1887. The parish was established by the Church authority in 1844 and a rustic chapel made of wood and adobe brick was built up on the site. This site had been occupied by one of the city jails in 1830.

The new chapel set in the quarter known as Barrio Yungay received an image of Saint Saturnine that used to be in the Church of San Francisco, in La Cañada, and that had been brought from Quito to Chile by the Augustinian Bishop Gaspar de Villarroel. This image of Saint Saturnine was carved in Cuzco wood in the 17th century. Saint Saturnine is the protector of Santiago residents against shakes and earthquakes.

The church features beautiful large stained-glass windows representing the apostles. Its relics and imagery include a Christ of Good Hope presented in 1892 by Clergyman Hernán Domeyko Sotomayor and an organ made by Oreste Carlini in the 1920s.

The celestial that decorates the entire sky of the ships with small starry figures in gold symbolize the celestial vault. The pillars are completely painted and decorated with geometric and vegetable elements in a range of ranges: creams, greens and blues make up the color palette.

This bright color is complemented by the beautiful geometric mosaic floor tiles. It suffered severe damage with the earthquake of February 27, 2010 and in 2017, through an agreement between the Municipality of Santiago and the Regional Government, the temple restoration project was completed. It was reopened in August 2021.

It is important to point out the tireless pastoral and community work carried out by the parish for the residents of the Yungay neighborhood. The support in different activities stands out, as well as its community center for child care, a soup kitchen and for social work students, it is a source of work practices.


Santo Domingo, 2772, Santiago.

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