La Piojera


Aillavilú 1030.


+56  2 3346 6759


Monday to Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 00:00 hours


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With a rustic, disorderly infrastructure, La Piojera is known as a unique typical restaurant in downtown Santiago. Famous dignitaries as well as ordinary folk have been in its bar, canteen and restaurant.

In December 2014, it was chosen by the newspaper El Pais in Spain, as the fifth most amazing place in Latin America for travelers.

About to celebrate one century of existence, La Piojera is known for its popular atmosphere; for its peculiar name (The Lice Colony), which was given to it by President Arturo Alessandri in 1922 and, above all, for the typical delicious and refreshing drink known as the Terremoto (Earthquake), made with white wine pipeño and pineapple ice-cream.

La Piojera is a link with the customs of olden days, a living experience of Santiago’s gastronomic and folkloric tradition. It is also the epicenter of Guachaca Culture, a popular movement that brings together purely Chilean customs and traditions, and holds an annual celebration at the Mapocho Station Cultural Center, where public personages elected by the people for their friendly, charismatic and easy-going nature are crowned as Guachaca Kings and Queens.



Aillavilú, 1030, Santiago.

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