Los Vikingos restaurant


Av. Ricardo Cumming 166

Barrio Brasil


Lunes a Domingo de 12;00 a 23:30


+56 9 6131 3570


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Prepare yourself to live a unique experience in this restaurant from “Brasil” Neighborhood. Cheer up with its “Thor burgers”  a homemade recipe of 400 grs. , baby ribs, Paella in its classic spanish version or the Tomahawk, the favorite meat of Valhalla about 500grs of beef and bone, and if is about sharing the viking plate or Odin Barbecue are an excellent choice. Also you will be amazed by it´s rooms like Odin´s, runes and dungeons Lounges that are distinguished by helmets, swords, spears, shields and leather sits, every thought to dazzle you.

Avenida Ricardo Cumming, 166, Santiago.

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