Matucana 100


100 Matucana Av.


+56 2 29649240

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m.


How to get

Quinta Normal station

Line 5 Santiago Metro


A cultural corporation that offers the public contemporary art performances, making room for artistic expression and for the experience of the spectators. Matucana 100 is a model cultural center at the national and international level, offering a wide-ranging program of theater, music and dance. A shop sells graphic, audiovisual and design material, apart from books and works of art. Highlights in the facilities are the visual arts gallery, a micro-cinema and the main theater.


Matucana 100 cultural center was founded in 2001 in the old wine cellars of the State Supply Directorate, and was designed as a venue to house exhibitions of modern arts, photography, theater, dance, cinema and music. Its opening gave a fresh boost to the western sector of Santiago, already characterized by the presence of museums, Quinta Normal park as well as all the historical and architectural attractions found on its streets.

Between 2001 and 2002, activities focused on setting up venues for theatrical and dance productions, concerts and visual arts exhibitions.

First class artists have set up in Matucana 100 to work on their productions, as was the case with such theater companies as Teatro La Memoria, Equilibrio Precario, La Batería and La Troppa, including emblematic visual artists such as Gracia Barrios and José Balmes.

Construction of the theater with a capacity for 544 people and a 300 square meter gallery for emerging art, known as Espacio Concreto, began in 2003. Since then, new areas have been added, which have consolidated this cultural center as a leading point of reference for art and creativity.


Matucana, 100, Santiago.

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