Memorial House José Domingo Cañas


1367 José Domingo Cañas Av.



+56 2 24191278


Visits must be scheduled two weeks in advance





This memorial site rises on the foundations of the house formerly used by the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA), between August and November 1974, as a transitory torture and retention center, among others like Londres 38 and Villa Grimaldi.

Outside, a monolith exhibits 42 names of people that were retained there. The identities of other Chileans, still missed, are carved on railroad ties placed in the main access. Although the original house was demolished, the place keeps elements that are symbol of hope and shelter of memory, like the 62 wooden poles that welcome the visitor; a memorial with the faces of detainees, the pool and an original palm tree. The house is an open place to the community and its goal is to make known the heritage and historical memory, through the books, activities and guided tours.

To visit Casa Memoria José Domingo Cañas it is necessary to schedule two weeks in advance to the mail or to the phone +56 2 24191278.

José Domingo Cañas, 1367, Ñuñoa.

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