Museo de Ciencia y Tecnologí­a


Inside Quinta Normal Park


+56 9 82400290

Opening hours




Adults: $1.000

Boys and girls (from 6 years old) and students: $1.000

Seniors: $1.000

Free admission boys and girls up to 5 years old and people with disabilities


This is the first interactive museum to be created in this country, aimed at making known science and technology as a support for teaching.

The Science and Technology Museum focuses on students and the public in general, offering guided tours in Spanish given by teachers.

It is located inside the Quinta Normal Park, in the Parthenon building, which previously housed the Fine Arts Museum and, later on, the Contemporary Arts Museum.

Its  rooms draw together an interesting exhibition that never fails to surprise, with scientific and technological themes such as geology, astronomy or electromagnetism presented to the visitor within a framework of experimentation and discovery.

Permanent Collection

Waves Room: Devoted to understanding the concepts related to mechanical and electromagnetic waves.

Auditorium.  It is intended for experimental demonstration activities and film projections.

Igor Saavedra Gatica Room. Room for temporary exhibitions and interactive talks.

Geology Room: The interactive exhibition in this space facilitates an understanding of aspects of the Earth’s structure and its evolution.

Mechanical and Optical Room: Interactive devices such as curved mirrors, simple machines and laboratory instruments from the turn of the 20th century.

Astronomy Room: Here it is possible to look into subjects such as the solar system, sunspots and gain a broader knowledge of the universe.

Julio del Río Room: This is the only non-interactive space; it displays a collection of old sound devices.

Matucana, 536, Santiago.

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