NAVE, Centro de Creación y Residencia


Libertad 430



NAVE is a space for research and development of contemporary performing arts, located in the heart of Barrio Yungay.

Its mission is to collaborate, support and nurture the processes of research and development linked to the areas of dance, performance, music and the arts to reflect around the body.

The building is a set of houses of early twentieth century, damaged by a fire in 2006 and the earthquake of 2010. The architectural project included the reconstruction of the original facade entirely, placing value on heritage and art. His recovery was led by the architect Smiljan Radic.

The main focus of NAVE is the residence of the creators, to promote and support the different creative processes, which transforms it into a new space in our country and very new in Latin America.

The area of residence occupies an entire wing of the building. It is designed and equipped to accommodate 10 artists simultaneously and, who can share between them, they are able to access rehearsal rooms and work spaces specially equipped for dance. The artists must in turn, generate instances of openness to the community, such as workshops and laboratories feedback and knowledge transfer.

Being a center dedicated to artistic creation as its main activity, visits are only for groups and must be coordinated and scheduled in advance.


In addition to being a center designed for the arts and performance, NAVE is a space that can be adapted to various programs such as concerts, launches, catwalks, exhibitions, parties and events with special technical requirements.

NAVE. Is a space that can be adapted to various programs such as concerts, launches, walkways, exhibitions, festivals and events with special technical requirements.

Roof. It has the installation of a circus tent, elevator access and a privileged view of the Yungay neighborhood, Santiago and the Andes Mountains.

Lounges. It is possible to hold private receptions, talks, seminars, launches and screenings, among others.

Residence. With four bedrooms, attached to the main space.


Libertad, 430, Santiago.

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