Perrera Arte


Balmaceda Ave. between Bulnes and Cueto Streets.
Parque de los Reyes


+56 2 2682 1092



For more than 20 years and in the middle of “Parque de los Reyes”, this center of experimental art promote the development of fine arts, in special some expression that have no place into the traditional and official circuit.

The building of La Perrera was built at the beginning of XX century, here worked the first electric plant of garbage incineration of the city, In 60`s it become into the municipal doghouse, use to contain and sacrifice the streets dogs.

After a long period of abandon, the visual artist and cultural manager Antonio Becerro, in 1995, founded the Experimental Center “Perrera Arte”, that kept the name as a tribute to the pets exterminated in this place.

Today, this center is composed of creators and intellectuals of different areas as a theorist and art historian, architects, journalist, cultural managers, designers and photographers.

Parque de Los Reyes, Quinta Normal.

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