Punto Musical record store


Merced 820, local 7. Galería San Antonio


Monday to Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


+56 2 26327972

+56 2 26324589




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Other branches

Estado 46
Huérfanos 1052 local 8
Huérfanos 776, locales G, H, i
Alameda 853, local 18

You can find music of all times and formats in this historic record store in the Historic Center of Santiago.

Punto Musical is a family business, whose origins date back to the beginning of 1966, when Héctor Santos, anticipating the current delivery system, began selling Long Play (LP), in a personalized way and at home.

It is currently one of the largest record distributors in the country that stands out for its varied offer of artists, musical styles and music formats, both Chilean and international. And one of its star products is the 10-in-1 Equipment, which reproduces all formats.

Merced, 820, Santiago.

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