Recuerda Chile


349 Merced St.


+56 9 42750705

Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday 12:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Recuerda Chile, located in the Lastarria Bellas Artes neighborhood, is a store that rescues national identity and memory with crafts from creators from all over the country, some of them considered living human treasures.

The driving force behind this project since 2016, is Antonia González Soto, a woman from Santiago, who opted for this initiative aimed at valuing the cultural heritage of Chile.

In the store you will find unique pieces of original crafts, made with ancestral techniques, passed down from generation to generation such as polychrome earthenware, horsehair, clay, copper or Mapuche silverware.

In 2017, the Recuerda Chile project allowed Antonia González to be recognized as a Woman Tourism Entrepreneur, an award granted by SERNATUR for her contribution to the preservation of our traditions and because she provides a unique experience through her products and services.

Remember Chile is a place built with warmth, which invites you to browse and find beautiful items that touch the senses and memory.



Merced, 349, Santiago.

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