San Antonio de Padua Carnival


Friday 6, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 October


Bogotá Square

How to get

Ñuble Station, Line 5 and 6 Santiago Metro

From there, walk eight blocks west along Ñuble Av.


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In its different versions, attendees have enjoyed in Plaza Bogotá, colorful expressions of Chilean and Latin American music, as well as comparsa parades.

This Carnival is an initiative of the theater company La Empresa, who coordinate the participation of comparsas (traditionally costumed street marchers) from all over Chile. More than 2,000 artists, including dancers and musicians, fill in Sierra Bella street of color, from Avenida Matta to Ñuble. In 2023, the Carnival will celebrate its 31 years of history with three days of celebration

Friday, October 6. Carnival Eve

Saturday October 7th. Latin American Night

Sunday October 8th. Big parade


A tradition of this festival has been the tribute paid to outstanding women for their contribution to culture, who are elected Carnival Queens. During these years, some queens were Margot Loyola, Gabriela Medina, Maite Fernández, Rosa Ramírez, Cecilia Pantoja, Maitén Montenegro, Mónica Carrasco, Elsa Poblete, Maggie Lay and Palmenia Pizarro, among others.

Over time, the Historic Carnival of San Antonio de Padua has enriched its local and family character with the participation of carnival schools and groups of zamba, batucada, caporales sambos, diabladas and murgas.

Lira, 1726, Santiago.

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