Vega Central

The Vega Central is one of the most picturesque, traditional areas for buying fresh fruit and vegetables in the capital. Here can be found other expressions of popular culture, such as handicrafts and typical food.

Establishments are attended by shopkeepers most of whom inherited the trade from their parents, keeping this activity as a family tradition.

The area where it is located, north of the Mapocho River, used to be a rural agricultural zone during the Colonial period; this led to its becoming a selling place for the locally grown produce. In the 18th century, the construction of the Cal y Canto Bridge connected the area to center of the city.

In 1895, work began on the construction of the Central Fruit and Vegetables Market, an official, permanent area for selling and storing growers produce.

Today, the Vega is a bustling area in Santiago, covering 9.5 hectares located 7 street blocks away from the Plaza de Armas (Main Square), a place of convergence for endearing sellers, typical restaurants and regular buyers from all social strata, and stands out as a permanent feature of people’s life and genuine local heritage.


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