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This company, whose name is inspired by a Japanese philosophy that can be translated as “raison d’être”, gives visitors a reason to get to know Santiago de Chile and live unforgettable tourist experiences, through innovative tour alternatives.

Paranormal tours

Dark descent tour. It is a daring descent 20 meters underground to enter the creepy secret tunnels of a building built between 1948 and 1952. The building contains a dark secret that few know. This tour mixes mystery with the history and architecture of the tunnels. EVP activities, Tibetan bowls, perception and individual tests are also carried out.

Tour The Curse of the Quintrala. This tour addresses the story of a powerful woman who continues to be remembered, more than three centuries after her death. With that look, its history and the myth that surrounds it are recalled, in the place where the stables of his house worked, but which currently houses a downtown restaurant. EVP, use of Tibetan bowls, activities in front of the restaurant mirror to relate various experiences of apparitions are performed.

Shadows of the Portal Tour. Visit the Fernández Concha Portal building, its underground and exclusive access stairs to delve into stories of goblins, shadows, suicides and murders.

Day Tours

Parquemet on wheels. It is a circuit of two and a half hours through the corners of Cerro San Cristóbal. It is a low-complexity tour, led by an expert guide. The experience is recorded with a drone, so that tourists can take that memory record with them. Includes bicycle, farewell drink, recording, security equipment and dressing rooms.

Trekking Initiation Workshop. It corresponds to a walk through the Quebrada de Macul Natural Park, in addition to a complete initiation workshop in trekking with a relaxation activity in the San Juan Waterfall.

Mystic Tours

Healing Circles. Directed by expert “shamanas”, this activity is carried out with quartz and metal bowls in the Cajón del Maipo. It lasts 4 hours and includes meditation, chakra alignment and bowl therapy.

Zenteno, 715, Santiago.

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