Vinilos MundoPlanet


La Merced Gallery

635 Huérfanos St. Local 34A


+56 2 22437713


Monday to Friday from 12:00 a.m. to  05:30 p.m.


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Vinilos MundoPlanet is an unmissable corner for music lovers and collectors of vinyl or classic movies. This store is located in the beautiful Gallery of La Merced, the work of the architect and national architecture award winner, Mario Pérez de Arce, and was built in the 1980s on land belonging to the Order of La Merced. V

Vinilos MundoPlanetinyls Mundo Planet opened its doors with the category of renting movies on vhs, mainly classic movies and art movies, but the irruption of digital media, prompted them to focus on vinyl collectors and music in general, such as rock from AC/DC, Depeche Mode’s new wave, or Roxette’s pop. Of course, also funk, jazz and film soundtracks.

And since the place has been visited by clients for decades, who faithfully continue to search for movies, Mundo Planet maintains among its catalog some films that are already true classics.

Huerfanos, 635, Santiago.