Avenida San Diego

This street was originally the south exit route of Santiago. It extends from “ Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins Ave.” to Franklin neighborhood, its was named by the San Diego church and school, currently disappeared, which belonged to the Franciscan order and built in the eighteenth century .

In the twentieth century due to the expansion of the city, San Diego already showed the commercial mark that characterizes it today, where is possible to find small and medium scale trade.

On the street stand out the national manufacture bike stores, the famous booksellers , who have  a big diversity of texts at low prices, Cariola and Caupolicán theaters and the beautiful “Basilica del Santisimo Sacramento” , built in the second decade of the twentieth century and inspired by the “Basilica of the Sacred Heart” of Paris.


Fotografía. Lorena Bruna, Guía de Turismo

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