Basí­lica del Corazón de Marí­a


764 Zenteno St.


+56 2 269 89 491


This church, Neoclassical Renaissance style, it is located in the heart of San Diego neighborhood. It was designed by the Priest Joseph Viladrich, architect; and the religious Pedro Mas, builder: in the second half of the nineteenth century.

Its construction began in 1856 on land of the Congregation the Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, popularly known as Claretian. In 1928 is recognized the quality of the Heart of Mary Parish and  the following year , Pope Pius XI conferred the title of basilica, the first in the world dedicated to the Heart of Mary.

The Basilica suffered serious structural damage after the earthquake of February 27, 2010 and after two years of restoration, was reopened on March 18, 2012.

It was declared a historical monument in 1987.


The congregation of the  Missionaries Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary arrived in Chile in 1870. At first, they settled in a chapel on Dieciocho Street and a few years later, they moved to a chapel called Belen.The property was extended thanks to Father Paul Vallier, first superior in Chile, who acquired several nearby properties, which meant that by 1875, the Claretian were owners of the whole block.

The temple was consecrated on December 7, 1879, but the work of finishing of the work were prolonged until1882, thanks to money raised collected in alms, donations and collects. On 30 August 1928 the quality of the Heart of Mary Parish in the following year is recognized, received the title of Basilica, the first in the world dedicated to the Heart of Mary.


The Basilica of the Heart of Mary is built on foundations of stone and brick masonry. Renaissance and neoclassical style, stands on a basilica plan, consisting of three ships.The main front is harmoniously symmetrical and it is composed of pilasters that give rise to five modules; the three central host the three carved wooden doors that give access to ships.

In the central nave stand out in relief, the shield of the basilica and two others who honor the Heart of Mary, all adorned with angels. The side walls have no ornamentation and brick is in sight, The central ship culminates in vaults of Romanesque style whose arches are ornamental and are leading the clerestory, provided with circular windows. The lateral ships have sky wood and decorated with plaster moldings in boxes, with a rosette at the center.

Zenteno, 764, Santiago.

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