Café Forestal


490 Ismael Valdés Vergara


Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.


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Discover the proposal of this charming corner of the Bellas Artes neighborhood. It is Café Forestal, an ideal space to take a break and enjoy an exquisite specialty coffee. You can also cheer up with hot chocolate in its classic version or with merkén and add some homemade pastries, such as nutella and berry waffles. Lemonades are a refreshing option, the “Cabra Loca” bagel, made on masa madre with goat cheese, tomato, lettuce and a touch of oregano. And if you are a true coffee lover, visit their JacuStore store, whose theme is, coffee and the traditional methods to prepare this aromatic slipslop.

You can also buy  Ethiopian coffee beans, coffee makers, manual grinders, elegant coffee servers, beautiful porcelain cups, and also accessories such as pins and key rings with which you can show off your passion for coffee.

Ismael Valdés Vergara, 490, Santiago.

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